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Our Product Line
Mega Manufacturing is a distributor of professional rollers for every application. Some of our most popular rollers are shown below. Also available: paint roller kits, trim rollers, floor applicator blocks & refill pads, frames, brushes, bucket grids and extension poles.

Prime Shearling Professional Roller COvers
MEGA's Prime Shearling Professional Lambskin Roller Covers are manufactured from only the finest shearling lambskin pelts. Each cover is hand-sewn and bonded to a heavy duty phenolic core. Master handcraftsmanship coupled with the highest quality raw materials from the Imperial Valley. MEGA Prime Shearling Cover is the most efficient applicator available.

Xperts Choice Genuine Lambskin COvers
Xperts Choice Genuine Lambskin Roller Covers are an industrial grade series. Completive priced, each cover is handsewn and bonded to a heavy duty phenolic core to provide maximum performance and durability.

Mega/Wool Roller Cover
Our special blend of 50% lambswool and 50% polyester will provide more density for greater pick-up and release. Its solvent resistant construction can be used with all paints. Like our Prime SHearling Lambskin covers, we use only the highest grade lambswool and polyester fibers on our heavy-duty phenolic core to give you a top-of-the-line roller.

Pro-Master is our ultimate synthetic professional roller cover. Like our prime shearling lambskin covers, where quality comes first, only the highest grade polyester fibers are balanced to provide maximum pick-up and release or oil and latex base paints.

Glass wasters are designed to give lint-free, solvent resistant performance in latex enamels, oils, stains, varnishes, urethanes, epoxies and cement.

Durakoter is our quality polyester roller cover series designed for production oriented contractors, industrial and residential users.

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